Bahia In Motion invites you to join us on our next journey to Bahia, Brazil!

Dates: January 25th-February 7th 2019
(leave Seattle 1/25 and arrive Seattle February 7th)

This year we will be exploring Salvador, a city rich in Afro-Brazilian culture, cuisine, music and dance. We will also visit the nearby city of Cachoeira and Santo Amaro, known for their colorful markets. A highlight of our trip is a 4-night stay in Boipeba, a beautiful island just south of Salvador on Bahia’s coast. There we will have a chance to see the Festival of Yemanja in a much more intimate setting than Salvador’s bigger celebration. Yemanja is the widely revered Afro-Brazilian Orixa (deity) of the ocean who symbolizes peace, love and protection.

Our trips are designed with a personal touch through the eyes of a native, as Daniel is originally from Salvador. Each day is a different adventure exploring Bahia’s culture, history and people. Learn the rhythms and dance movements of Bahia with local masters, prepare local cuisine with a private cooking lesson, sway to the endless music rising from Salvador’s cobblestone streets, delight in the warm hospitality and smiling faces of Bahia’s people, see the world-renowned Bale Folclorico, and have a chance to sink into the slow pace of Bahia’s enticing sunny shores.

We look forward to being your hosts for our 2019 Journey to Bahia!

Please call or email for more details: